Connect Groups

Acts 2: 42-47

To really feel like you are part of something larger you need to be a part of something smaller. Our CONNECT groups allow us to develop relationships with a small number of men, women, and families meeting together as an extension of our Faith Family where we can get to know one another better and meet each other's spiritual connectional needs.   CONNECT groups have many forms.  Some are accountability and discipleship in nature with men meeting with other men and women meeting with other women.  Some groups consist of men, women, and children.  These groups focus on doing life together as well as deepening their spiritual roots.  Many groups enjoy fun activities together as well as serving opportunities.  Other groups are more study intensive bringing your knowledge of the Bible to new heights.   Our goal through our CONNECT group ministries is to facilitate the discipling of our Faith Family, like Christ demonstrated, as well as let the world know we are Christians by our love for God and each other. 

Our hope is that everyone would join one or more of the various CONNECT groups offered. 

See Pastor Ron Masters for detailed information and/or fill out the survey below to give us an idea of the type of group you would like to join!

Connect Group Survey